Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stop wishing and make it happen!

Maybe you made a wish.........

Setting goals incorrectly can be similar to riding a stationary bike. You are pedaling and pedaling, moving and moving yet you are getting nowhere.  This can be frustrating, discouraging and even somewhat intimidating.  Studies show that people fail to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves because they are going about it all wrong.

Did you know that there is a correct and an incorrect way to set your goals? If you are like the vast majority of people you probably thought something like this: “I’ll say what I want and then I work to make it happen”. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! Setting goals requires some thought. Not only should you be specific in what you are trying to do, you also need to have a plan to get there.

Some people think that they are setting goals when in fact they are actually making wishes. Do you know the difference?

Have you been trying to lose weight for an extended period of time now?

You want to earn more money in your career yet it hasn’t happened for you?

Can’t seem to find the love that you are looking for?

Having trouble building your savings account?

Business not growing like you thought it would?

If you can answer yes to either of those or have a similar situation, it’s probably because you made a wish for those things to happen and you have not made them a goal.

I highly suggest that you take part in the Vision Seeker Series! I'll help you stop wishing and make it happen!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Watch out, this could kill you!

Are you a procrastinator?

I was in Mc Donald's, I'm sure that you are familiar with their menu: burgers, fries, chicken sandwich, filet o fish. That pretty much sums up the options. The menu has remained consistent for about the last 20 or so years, but for some reason the person ahead of me just could not decide what to order.

Is that you?  Does it take you an extended period of time to make a seemingly simple decision?
Are you the person who needs to weigh the pros and cons and then weigh the pros and cons of the pros and cons?

This process is somewhat acceptable when making a life altering decision, however if you are doing this before you decide on something as simple as what to wear for dinner, chances are you are a procrastinator.

Procrastination is a form or fear and lack of confidence which will quickly kill your dreams and plans.

Normally people think procrastination is putting off doing something until a later time, which is true, however procrastination can take on many different forms.

Here are some the most common ways people procrastinate:
-Always busy but getting nothing accomplished. You have 4 open projects, yet it's been 3 months and have not launched one. You are self sabotaging. Focus & complete a task.

-You have to look at all of the possible outcomes, every one that you can think of, before you decide. News flash, nothing is foolproof, you might still get it wrong. Stop thinking & move. If you make a mistake learn from it and start again.

-You need more research. How long do you need to study the market? By  the time you decide to jump in the trend will have moved on without you. Trust yourself. If you are wrong, see above.

-It's just not the right time. Well tell me this, when is the right time? I'll wait for an answer. Exactly! There is no perfect time. Never has been. Never will be. Stop waiting & move before you miss your moment.

The state of indecision will not only drive you crazy it will stifle your growth.To be successful you will have to take some risk. You are intelligent enough to make a decision. Trust yourself. Move from your gut and go! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What to consider before you Fire Your Boss

What you better know before you quit your job
By LaTasha West

The day I fired my boss I felt like King of the jungle, all banging on my chest, head up high and proud! The last time I left my job, actually left my last job for the last time it was surprisingly emotional. I felt nervous yet empowered and ready to take on the world!  It was my time, time for me to run the show! Yes!!! Finally I was out on my own.

After the euphoria wore off then I was like a deer in headlights thinking ut oh what do I do now?  I hit a few bumps in the road, made some mistakes, cried some tears, and cursed myself and possibly a few clients. I searched under a few rocks to find some PAYING clients, wondered what happened to all those people that I thought would buy from me and even wait for it thought about giving up and getting another job (but only for a few minutes). Am I in your backyard yet?

Yep we’ve all been there; the key to it is not to stay there. Most start up companies take time to get off the ground. You will bump your head more times than you thought, but that is okay remember it’s just like when you first learned to walk. You fell a few times but eventually you were able to walk and then run.  Don’t get discouraged.

Firing your Boss can be the most amazing and life changing thing you'l ever do. However, you need to make sure that you are clear on what you are doing. Why in the world are you giving up a steady paycheck? make sure you can answer that question.

If you are convinced and set on jumping off of this cliff and building your plane on the way down, 

Here a few things to make your journey less painless

1. Know your WHY. - What is the driving force behind this adventure? Why are you branching out on your own?

2. Know your WHAT- What are you looking to do long term? Prepare your business for the future from day 1, so you don’t end up getting stuck in a position that you hate.

3. Know your HOW- How will you take this idea all the way through completion? How will you deliver your products or service? How will your support yourself in the slow times?

4. Know your WHO- Who is your client? Be specific. Who is your product or service designed for?

Knowing your why, what, how and who will provide a solid foundation on which to build the business of your dreams. Before you fire your boss, get clear of those things and you’ll be off to a great start. If you have already fired your boss and are feeling stuck try revisiting the points above to clarify your strategy and re-find your umph!