Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finding your Lane

Written by: LaTasha West

When you are driving and another car veers over into your space, what do you yell? Most people would probably say something close to “Stay in your lane” followed by a few expletives.  This can be extremely frustrating as the driver is entering a space that is not their own. The same concept applies in life and in business.  You can’t successfully and safely drive in two lanes. We must find our lane so that we can get in it.

When you are in your lane it’s easier to find your groove, your flow, your rhythm. How does one find her lane?

Answering these few questions can help:

1 What do I like to do?

2. What am I an expert in?

3. What is the best way for me to achieve my desired results?

4. What are my strengths?

In addition to the above questions, finding your lane requires focus. Pay attention to you, your goals and watch what’s going on in YOUR lane. Don’t worry what’s happening in the next lane over, just be sure you don’t veer into their lane and that they do not veer into yours.

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