Thursday, March 6, 2014

The *ish that keeps me up at night

Since it’s after midnight and yet again I can’t sleep this week’s blog will talk about what keeps me up at night.  Usually when I can’t sleep it because there is something on my mind, more often than not it’s an idea for a business. Seriously I get at least one great business idea a week. I wonder if anyone else can relate to this. 

The problem here is that once these ideas get in my head I have to map them out. I cannot rest until I formulate an entire business concept, a color scheme, logo and strategy to take this business idea from dream to reality.  I go through this full process at least 2x per month-honestly. If someone was to get a hold of one of my notebooks, they could make themselves quite rich. Of course I am not able to birth each and every idea that I come up with, and that is the ish that keeps me up at night.

That is passion; I have a passion to create businesses! God has given me the creative talent to clearly visualize concepts and map out businesses. Sometimes I find myself asking God to please turn this off, make it go away, but week after week it continues to happen.  I've finally accepted that this is my walk, my walk is to create legacy, not just for my family but for the families of the clients that I touch as well.

My creative thinking is meant to be a blessing to those who I encounter on my way. Developing strategy and creating business blueprints is the stuff that keeps me up at night. What keeps you up?

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