Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ipad or notepad

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Are you an Ipad or Notepad?
By: LaTasha West

This blog post is inspired by a client who I love to chat with, she is completely innovative and yet fiercely traditional at the same time.  This conversation came about because the client had an appointment scheduled and could not locate the information that she needed to manage her meeting, therefore she called me as a backup.

During our conversation she mentioned the reason she couldn't locate the required information was because her computer was down. Which is why she likes the tried and true method of having file cabinets and file folders with papers and notes. She asked did I have client files, I answered with “I used to do it that way now all of my documentation is done electronically and stored in the cloud, everything that you do on paper I do on the internet/computer”.

This stirred a thought in us both, is one method better than the other? The answer is Nope! I believe you should do what works for you. 

I’m an Ipad, She’s a notepad. Each method had pros and cons.

Her method requires that you are in a specific location to access your information, which can be limiting if you work on the go.

My method allows me to access files wherever I can access the internet, but what happens if I have no internet access?

Nowadays technology is vast and things move really quickly, people want to be able to move and deliver right away, thus the beauty of the Ipad. This allows you to record your thoughts in a format that can be forwarded on without having to rewrite or type them out at a later time.

In defense of the notepad: some people just like to write; it’s a part of their creative process. Pen and paper helps them to think and formalize their thoughts. They enjoy flipping through pages and notes.

Earlier this year, I found that as "techie" as I can be I still would rather read a good old fashioned book, and turn the pages rather than listen to an audiobook, or read an ebook. So technically I guess I am a bit of an Ipad and a notepad.

Either way works just fine, it’s a matter of style and preference, so long as you are productive. Which one are you, an Ipad or Notepad or a combination of both?

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