Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Dream Catcher Series- Featuring Priscilla Williams

By LaTasha West

The Dream Catcher series seeks to provide information and real world advice. Over the next few weeks I will share interviews that I have done with ladies who are successfully chasing, following and living their dreams.  These women are wives, mothers and business owners who are willing to share a small piece of their journey with you.

I hope this series encourages, motivates and inspires you to believe.

This week I chat with Priscilla Williams R N, of  PriscillaQWilliams.com

Here is what Priscilla has to say:

1      LaTasha: Tell me how you came up with your business idea? Was this something that you have always dreamed of doing? 

        Priscilla: When I first started my first business, it was a nonprofit to provide resources and educate cancer patient of color particularly. I was working at the cancer center in downtown Chicago giving chemotherapy and I saw a need for individuals who didn’t have the knowledge of cancer or how to take care of themselves or family. I joined forces with Mrs. Mary Mitchell, of the Chicago Sun times and we held breast cancer awareness programs to educate the community.  After a few years, I took a job with a major nationwide pharmacy and I decided to take my business in a different direction and that’s when I started Priscilla Q. Williams, Inc. This allowed me to speak and educate about different health issues and to educate on a broader level including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues. Shortly, after, I started an internet base radio show and I focused on health, wellness, and women’s empowerment. I have a heart for women and I not only wanted to educate about their health, but I wanted to empower them to live their dreams and to go after their goals. This is when people began to reach out to me for info about entrepreneurship and inquire how I started my business. This is when I began to have women’s conferences, networking events and speak about women empowerment.  I always had dreams of having a business when I was a child.

LaTasha: How long did it take you to actually launch your business after you got hit with the concept?
        Priscilla: It took a few months after the idea hit me, I started reaching out to similar business that provided resources. I would check out books at the library to learn about nonprofits and I it took a few days for me to incorporate my business. Once my business was incorporated, I began to make business cards, I purchased a website, and I began to meet with key people who would help me get started. This was all done in less in 6 month time frame.

2       LaTasha: Did you earn a profit right away? If not how long did it take you?

·        Priscilla: No, I did not earn a profit right away. I actually did a lot for free for a long time. I started to make a profit after about 1 year. I did a lot of consulting through my business. I landed a contract with a company for 2 years through the health department to educate about diabetes and this is when I really started to bring in a consistent revenue.

3      LaTasha: What would you say was the best piece of advice that you were given in business?

·         Priscilla: The best advice I was given as an entrepreneur, is to remain consistent. If you want to be successful in any business you must stay committed to your business and not give up. Everything might not go as planned, but you have to be willing to keep working and making connections.

4     LaTasha:  As entrepreneurs, we have millions of business ideas, what was the craziest one that you had? Did you try to launch it? How did it turn out?

Priscilla: I must say I have a lot of business ideas, but they all made sense. I have a heart for people and so my business mind always deal with helping others. I think that it is very important to run your ideas by a coach or a mentor so you can make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

To learn more about Priscilla visit
Website: www.priscillaqwilliams.com

Priscilla is just one of the many amazing women who are living and catching their dreams! The Dream Catcher blog series is just one component of our mission to inspire you to chase and live YOUR dream.  We invite you to join us on this life changing journey! For more information on the Live the Dream Symposium Tour, Radio show or The Next 100 project visit www.idefinemysuccess.com

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